Faucets + Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom can make all the difference in the room. There’s a lot to consider here, from what features you want to where they should be installed. Ideally, you want a room that is comfortable but not cramped and offers plenty of storage. That’s where the professionals come in.

Freedom Plumbing, one of Lexington, SC’s premier plumbers, can install bathroom and kitchen fixtures in both your residences and businesses. Our plumbers will help you get the look and functionality that you want, all while staying on budget and on time. We also have the experience to troubleshoot any problems that may come up along the way. Contact us and we’ll help transform your kitchen or bathroom.

Is It Time for New Fixtures?

Take a look at your bath and shower fixtures.

  • Are the handles cracked or stained?
  • Turn them. Are they wiggly and loose or too stiff to turn?
  • Does the tap never fully turn off, resulting in a slow and annoying drip?
  • Does your once trendy shower or sink faucet look dated?
  • Have mineral deposits blocked your showerhead?
  • Are you interested in an upgrading your kitchen, lavatory or shower faucets?

Depending on the fixture, getting new ones installed may be either a minor investment of time and effort or a more involved job. A skilled plumber can take care of these tasks quickly.

The Benefits of New Fixtures

New fixtures can make the kitchen and bathroom spaces more attractive, both to you and to potential buyers. They can update the look and add features like handheld shower functionality. These fixtures also don’t leak, which can trim your utility bill.

Why Choose Freedom Plumbing?

Our business is a cut above the competition. We have earned our A+ BBB Certification by offering an excellent customer experience with our installation services. If you need a reliable, professional crew of plumbers to help install and maintain your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, contact us. We offer fair and competitive pricing and will be happy to discuss the job with you.

I run a handy man service and do minor plumbing (mostly change fixtures out and under sink work). If I can't handle it I refer James and his crew -- they always get the job done! Have referred them to several customers who have thanked me for sending him -- nothing but compliments!