Toilet Repair / Replacement

Unlike many parts of a home or business, a toilet that’s not working properly can’t be ignored or put off. Toilets affect everyday life, and a toilet problem can turn into an emergency. At Freedom Plumbing, our experts can recommend the right service to help you have a properly working toilet again.

Problems That Lead to Toilet Repair or Replacement

Maybe you have running water that’s slowly increasing your water bill, your toilet has a major clog or the handle won’t work properly. It becomes a major problem when you can’t flush the toilet or you have running water, leaks or overflow. At Freedom Plumbing, we are experienced in fixing these problems through repair or replacement.

Toilet Repair

Toilet repair is possible for many problems that plague a toilet. At Freedom Plumbing, we are able to provide repair services for problems such as:

  • Clogged toilets
  • Leaking or running water
  • Broken handles
  • No flushing or not fully flushing
  • Tank slowly filling or not filling with water
  • Loud toilet

Toilet Replacement

At a certain point, it may be time for a full toilet replacement. Just like an old car starts to require constant work, a toilet can reach a point of disrepair that requires ongoing service. At this point, you end up wasting money on consistent repair bills while the toilet can’t be put back to its previous working order. This is when you need to start over with a new toilet to gain proper function. Our Freedom Plumbing team provides honest feedback on the best course of action for your problem.

What Makes Us Different?

Our team of qualified professionals at Freedom Plumbing provides superior service and works to make every service visit as pleasant as possible. We come right away to control emergencies or solve problems preventing your toilets from working at their best.

When your toilet isn’t working right, it’s time for a repair or replacement from our experts at Freedom Plumbing. Before the problem gets worse, schedule your Lexington, Columbia and surrounding areas service call today.

I run a handy man service and do minor plumbing (mostly change fixtures out and under sink work). If I can't handle it I refer James and his crew -- they always get the job done! Have referred them to several customers who have thanked me for sending him -- nothing but compliments!