Drain Cleaning

Drains move water away from your home, but plenty of problems can develop over time. When drain’s clog, water cannot move freely, leaving you to clean up the mess. At Freedom Plumbing, we work closely with you to maintain, clean, and clear your drains for you. We provide drain cleaning services to both commercial and residential property owners. As soon as you notice a slowing of the draining in your sinks, toilets, or sewer lines, call us for fast, reliable service. 

Drain Cleaning Service

As a top-rated plumbing service in the Midlands, you can depend on us for reliable drain cleaning service. When you are facing drains that do not move, or you have a backup taking place, call us first. Our team is happy to troubleshoot the problem for you. We encourage you to have your drains cleaned whenever you notice any signs of trouble, such as:

  • The drains in your sinks move slowly or do not drain at all
  • You have water coming up into the basement or lowest floor of your home
  • There is an odor coming from the drains
  • You notice gurgling noises
  • You’re experiencing frequent clogs
  • Water back up

Be sure to consider all drains in the home or business. This starts with your plumbing fixtures, such as toilets and sinks, but also extends into your home’s sewer system and the lines moving water away from your home or commercial building.

Our team will provide the appropriate type of service to clean the drains. We can also investigate potential breaks in the line to find a solution for any repair needs.

Video Camera Line Inspections

With the use of specially made waterproof cameras our team can take the guesswork out of drain cleaning to get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively. One of our trained technicians can insert a flexible rod with the camera attached to pinpoint any potential issues, and see the condition of your pipes. A video camera line inspection can allow us to accurately identify corrosion, clogs, and leaks before they become bigger problems.

Call Freedom Plumbing for Drain Cleaning Service

For drain cleaning service you can rely on, call Freedom Plumbing. We provide fast, reliable service throughout Lexington, SC and surrounding areas. Call us for a service time that fits your needs.

Freedom Plumbing has always been the first phone call I make when I need a reputable plumber. These guys give fair quotes and don't do unnecessary work to upcharge the client. I highly recommend Freedom Plumbing.

John H.