Replace Old and Failing Pipes With Whole-Home Repiping

Nothing lasts forever and your home’s pipes are no exception. Older pipes suffer from frequent leaks, corrosion, low water pressure, and may even leach harmful chemicals into your drinking water!

Repiping replaces your outdated plumbing system with modern PEX water lines, eliminates leaky pipes, and gives you peace of mind that your water supply isn’t being contaminated.

Commercial and Home repiping plumbing services

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Does Your Home Need Repiping?

In the past, several different materials were commonly used for water lines in residential structures. Each of these materials has a different lifespan, but generally you will need to consider replacement after about 30 years.
Here are common signs that your plumbing needs replacement:

  • Frequent water leaks
  • Rust-colored water
  • Metallic tasting water
  • Low water pressure
  • Noisy pipes

Additionally, if your home’s pipes are made out of lead, galvanized steel, or polybutylene, we recommend that you replace them even if they are otherwise functioning.


Professional Whole-House Repiping Services


  • Home plumbing system inspection
  • Old pipe removal
  • New pipe installation
  • Water pressure testing

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Details make the difference. Our uniformed plumbers arrive punctually in well-stocked company vehicles, wear shoe covers to protect your home’s flooring, and leave the repair site cleaner than we found it. At Freedom Plumbing we believe excellence comes from sweating the small stuff.


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Skip the unnecessary upsells and expensive solutions to cheap problems! We will provide you with a clear explanation of your plumbing problems and then present you with the available options and upfront pricing. Freedom Plumbing helps you make an informed decision that is right for you!


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Get results you can count on! Our experienced technicians provide expert repair and installation services, every time. We’re so confident that our work will be done right that we provide a 1-year labor warranty on most major services.


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From leaky faucets to clogged sewer lines, waiting days or weeks for an appointment to take care of your plumbing issue is never convenient! We offer some of the fastest call-out times for emergency services on nights and weekends in the Midlands.

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About Freedom Plumbing

Freedom Plumbing is proud to be a locally owned and operated plumbing company serving the Columbia/Lexington area. As a small, community oriented business, we proudly stand behind our mission statement: To exceed our customers’ expectations while providing superior workmanship at a fair price.

We don’t believe in using scare tactics or high pressure sales techniques – instead we give homeowners the information they need to make an informed decision that is right for them. If you’re looking for a licensed and insured local plumber you can trust, look no further than Freedom Plumbing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should polybutylene pipes be replaced even if they are working fine?

Polybutylene pipes, commonly used in homes from the 1970s into the 1990s, should be replaced due to their tendency to degrade and fail over time. These pipes are particularly vulnerable to chemicals found in our water supply, such as chlorine, which can cause the interior of the pipes to flake and become brittle, leading to leaks or even catastrophic failure.

Even a minor leak can cause serious damage if not detected in time, and a completely burst pipe will quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Why should galvanized steel pipes be replaced even if they are working fine?

Galvanized steel pipes were an early replacement option for lead pipes and were commonly used from the 1940s to the 1960s. These pipes used a layer of natural zinc to protect the steel from corrosion. However, this zinc layer often contains impurities such as lead, and over time as the zinc wears down the concentration of lead along the surface of the pipe increases. This means that towards the end of their lifespan, galvanized steel pipes may be releasing dangerous levels of lead into your drinking water.

What areas do you service?

From our headquarters in Lexington, South Carolina, we provide service to Irmo, Columbia, West Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

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